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  • Wedding trends in 2023 - Maximalist wedding decor

    The Top 5 Wedding Trends For 2023

    The wedding trends for 2023 usually involve taking your time to craft the ultimate celebration, where personality and making a statement take first place. Considering that, we have carefully researched what we expect to see at unions in the following year. Hopefully, these will inspire you to host an event that will leave an everlasting impression. Without further ado, here are the best 2023 wedding trends.

  • Wedding Monogram Designs from ETSY

    Why You Should Incorporate a Custom Wedding Monogram

    Having a custom wedding monogram is a unique and fun way to elevate your wedding! There are so many ways to incorporate your wedding monogram design and we hope this blog inspires you to include your own in your wedding season!

  • The 10 best wedding videographers we've seen while loaded wedding videos onto The Motion Books.

    The 10 Best Wedding Videographers

    At The Motion Books, we are privileged to view hundreds of beautiful wedding videos on a weekly basis through our video preloading feature. We have curated a list of ten of our favorite wedding videos that we have had the pleasure of uploading onto our wedding video albums, along with the best wedding videographers who brought these special moments to life. If you are looking for the best wedding videographer to capture your wedding day, we would highly recommend checking out these wedding videographers. They possess a unique blend of technical expertise and creativity, and are dedicated to telling the unique love story of each couple through their lens.

  • Gifting Questions we receive at The Motion Books - Gift Box

    8 Gifting Questions We Get Asked the Most

    This time of year, our Customer Experience Team is quite busy answering all of your questions, and we want to share answers to those questions that they receive the most — from how to choose a gift, to how to make it, and everything in between.

  • The most romantic and meaningful 3 month anniversary gift - A Wedding Video Album

    Most Meaningful and Romantic 3 Month Anniversary Gift

    The first three months after the wedding is a very special time for couples. It is a period of savoring your newlywed bliss and soaking in all the romance. With so many emotions filling your life, you feel the need to show appreciation towards your spouse and express your love. Essentially, it is a period to pour your love and affection toward your partner. Driven by this wonderful feeling, more and more modern couples are embracing the 3 month anniversary gift trend. We suggest an intuitive and creative way to relive your most precious memories.

  • Most Unique Wedding Gift from Groom to Bride

    Unique Wedding Gift from Groom to Bride

    For a modern take on the sweet tradition of sending a gift to your love before walking down the aisle, The Motion Books is pure perfection and a very unique wedding gift from groom to bride. While flowers, love letters, cards and jewelry are lovely gift ideas to send to each other while getting ready, a video book takes it up a romantic level that will bring tears to your eyes. Watch the beautiful bride’s priceless reaction on film as she opened the best wedding gift from groom to bride – a video book that played the groom’s thoughtful message as she opened it.

  • Way to deliver your wedding videos in 2022

    How To Deliver Wedding Videos in 2022

    Wedding videos are becoming more and more popular, as videos are the best way to capture any special moments. As videographers in the wedding industry ourselves, we recognize that how you deliver wedding videos is almost as important as the content itself. We want to make sure the couple can relive the sights, sounds, and feelings of their wedding day that only videos can capture. To do that, we found a few different ways to deliver wedding videos in 2022.

  • 7 Fun and Unique ways to use your wedding photos

    7 Fun Ways To Use Your Wedding Photos

    Your big day came and went, you received all of your wedding photos, you’ve posted them on your social media accounts, now what? It’s only right for you to display your wedding photos in all their glory, every chance you get! At the end of the day, your wedding photos are one of the most tangible ways for you to be able to relive your wedding day. Here are some fun ways you can use your wedding photos!

  • Perfect Mother's Day Gift Idea - a v video book filled with beautiful memories

    The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift from The Motion Books

    We’ve got the perfect Mother’s Day gift for every woman who deserves a unique gesture of love filled with thoughtful, heartfelt sentiment and emotion. The Motion Books offers beautiful video books that bring your precious memories to life.

  • 10 reasons you need a wedding video album

    10 Reasons why you need a Wedding Video Album

    Wedding video albums are revolutionizing the way wedding videos are being stored and enjoyed by couples and families all over the world. View the 10 reasons why you need a wedding video album!

  • Guide to encode your videos to work perfectly on The Motion Books

    Convert videos that work perfectly on The Motion Books

    This guide will help you convert a video that is not fully compatible with The Motion Books to a format that will work with your video book device. This way you can enjoy your videos and relive your memories on The Motion Books.

  • Viewing a wedding video book

    Using YouTube to convert your video file

    Most video files seamlessly work on The Motion Books, however, there are some rare scenarios that your video cannot be played on your video book. Here are simple steps on how you can adapt your video to work using YouTube.

  • A new and revolutionary way to enjoy your wedding video - The Motion Books Video Books

    An innovative way to enjoy your wedding video!

    When’s the last time you watched your wedding video? We already know the answer. It’s been a long time. Are you newly married or planning your wedding? Spoiler alert: you won’t be watching your wedding video nearly as much as you think.Until now.

  • A Wedding Video album on a coffee table - The Motion Books

    7 Creative Ways To Use The Motion Books

    Videos are incredibly important these days which is why we at The Motion Books have invested time and effort into creating quality products to showcase your most memorable events. Simply open your video book and watch your video come to life! Here are 7 creative ways to use The Motion Books video book: 1. Showcase …