Can I load videos onto The Motion Books?

Yes. Connect your video book to any computer (Mac or PC) with the provided micro USB cable. The Motion Books act like a thumb drive so you can easily drag and drop your videos onto the device. After the video is uploaded, simply eject the USB drive and your videos will autoplay on your video book each time you open the book.

Can I format The Motion Books?

Do NOT format your video book. Formatting your device will remove our unique software and break the incredible functionalities that we have created for you. Additionally,  formatting your device will void your warranty. To remove files and free up memory, simply move the files you want to delete into the trash and empty the trash. 

What Resolution works best on The Motion Books? 

We recommend encoding your videos to 1080p, up to 30 frames per second and 5-8Mbps (5000-8000Kbps). 4K video files will not work on the device. 

What file formats does The Motion Books play?

All standard video file formats will work on your device. We recommend using or encoding your videos to a standard .mp4 or .mov file format. 

How does it charge?

Your video book charges with a standard micro USB cable (provided with each device). The Motion Books takes about an hour to fully recharge.

How long can the video be?

Depending on your file size, you can load 2+ hours of video(s) with our recommended file settings. However, we recommend videos up to 10 minutes for the best viewer experience. 


Organizing your videos.

Organize your videos on The Motion Books by either renaming the video files into alphabetical order or by adding a number before the file names to make sure your videos autoplay in the order you prefer. 

Keep the video book ready to play! 

Even though the battery should last about 2 hours during video play back and about 12 months on standby, we know your family and friends will be raving about your unique presentation of your videos, so keep the video book charged before big gatherings and events. 

Fast Forwarding and Rewinding

Not only can you skip to the next/previous videos, you can also fast forward through a video by simply pressing and holding the next (or previous) button and the video will start fast forwarding.  

Loading additional files to The Motion Books. 

Because The Motion Books acts like a flash drive, you can load non-video files onto it and they will be viewed when plugged into the computer. However, only video files will autoplay on the device. 

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