FAQ – Business Partnership

General questions regarding The Motion Books can be found on our FAQ page.

General Partnership

It’s simple. Register for an account, login and the updated pricing for business will be shown on all our product pages. You’ll be able to take advantage of our business pricing from now on. 

We have the right to verify/disable each account. It’s best to use an @company.com email.

Yes. You can view the discount chart here. Simply add items to your cart and we will calculate the discount pricing automatically. Additionally, you can mix and match our book styles.

Ordering in bulk allows you to control your up-sell pricing and also when, how and what you include in the delivery of The Motion Books for your wedding, event or business customers.

Personalized video books do not benefit from bulk pricing.

Yes, you can have your customers order directly from us. If you provide them an online version of the video link, they can include that in the product options when ordering and we’ll preload the video on their device before shipping it to them. 

To benefit most from this approach, sign up for our affiliate program to make sure you also receive a cut from that sale. 

This is probably the best approach. You can up-sell The Motion Books in your packages (we recommend $150-$200 for the predesigned option and 200-250 for the personalized option) and fulfill your orders directly with us benefitting from business pricing and direct to customer shipping. 

While ordering, you can provide us the online video link and we will preload the video book with your customers video. Your customers will receive The Motion Books ready to enjoy once opened!

Keep in mind, you can order any of our predesigned book titles or personalize the book title with your customers names (or any other book title). 


You are able to personalize the cover of The Motion Books with your customers names (or any other titles/subtitles). The personalization options are found on the product page here: https://themotionbooks.com/shop/personalized-tmb/

We have additionally added a more customizable options where you are able to brand the back of each book with your logo (or text). Learn more about our custom video books here: https://themotionbooks.com/shop/custom-tmb/


Technical questions about The Motion Books can be found on our general FAQ page. For a quick tutorial on how to use and load videos onto The Motion Books, visit our LEARN page. 

Affiliate Partnership

You can create an affiliate account here: https://themotionbooks.com/affiliate-signup/

You will receive an initial email that confirms your account creation, however, we manually approve each account.

Read our Affiliate Terms and Conditions before you sign up. 

You will earn 5% of each sale that is made using your referral link. To increase your payout amount, reach out to us and we will evaluate your proposition. 

Log into your affiliate dashboard and find “Generate Link” in the affiliate dashboard menu (right side). On top of that page, you will find your referral URL. You can simply add “?ref=yourid” to the end of any URL and the affiliate link will work. 

You can also generate an affiliate link for any product/page on our website. You will use that link to promote our products online. 

If you want to customize the ID, reach out to us and we can change it to a unique referral ID that will work for you. 

Log into your affiliate dashboard. You can view your recent clicks using your affiliate link and recent commissions. Additionaly, you can mange other settings in your affiliate dashboard as well. 


View our return policy here.


View our frequently asked question about shipping here.

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