• The perfect Mothers Day Card - The Motion Books

    The Perfect Mother’s Day Card

    Mother’s Day cards are the one of the only paper products mom seems to cherish more than any other …and for longer than we would expect. What about changing it up on her this year with a special, lasting card from The Motion Books? We have a spin on the traditional Mother’s Day card, but before we get into that, let’s take a look at how to make the entire day significant and special for mom. 

  • The 10 best wedding videographers we've seen while loaded wedding videos onto The Motion Books.

    The 10 Best Wedding Videographers for 2024

    One of the most rewarding aspects of what we do at The Motion Books is help you relive the best day of your life by preserving your wedding video, and bringing the memories to life. We have the joy of sharing in your special moments as we review the videos we pre-upload to the video books prior to shipping. Throughout the year some of the videographers who capture your special day stand out to us with their unique creativity, attention to detail and a flair for finding their own signature way of representing a love story as if it was the only one in the world. Each of the videographers selected for the best wedding videographer of 2024 list have had one of their videos featured on one of The Motion Books. Let’s take a look at who our top 10 best wedding videographers are.

  • Cozy Valentine's gift

    Valentine’s Day 2024 Gift Guide

    This Valentine’s Day gift guide is designed not only to make the preparation process easier, but to revive some of those warm sentiments of the joy, excitement and love that are what make this holiday special. The rich traditions of Valentine’s Day extend far back in time, encompassing the various types of love: friendly, familial and romantic. While this occasion is known for romantic grand gestures, proposals, boxes of chocolates and roses, contemporary society has also introduced some novel new traditions. Read our in depth Valentine’s Day 2024 gift guide.

  • AI Voice Cloning: Craft Realistic Memories. Explore our guide to recreate voices of your passed loved ones."

    Creating Emotional Memories with AI Voice Cloning: A Step-by-Step Guide

    In a viral TikTok video, a mother’s heartfelt reaction unfolds as she opens a video album, revealing a video with an AI-generated voice that echoes the warmth of her late husband who passed away from cancer. His tender words express love for her, admiration for her strength, and assurance that he hears her prayers. Filmed and created by her son Phillip, this emotionally charged video, capturing a moment of love, strength, and holiday warmth, has not only gone viral but has also sparked a surge of inquiries from individuals inspired by the idea of using AI voice cloning to craft cherished memories of their loved ones. At The Motion Books, we’re passionate about delivering a unique video viewing experience. However, the true emotional depth emerges from the innovative and creative videos created and loaded onto our video albums. If you’d like to bring this extraordinary idea to life, read our step-by-step guide.

  • Forever Roses by Venus Et Fleur are the perfect anniversary gift for wife!

    Choosing the Perfect Anniversary Gift for Wife? Top 10 Ideas

    Choosing the perfect anniversary gift for your wife is an opportunity to celebrate your love and create lasting memories. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, reflect on your relationship—recall special moments, inside jokes, and shared experiences. Consider her hobbies and passions for inspiration, and personalize the gift with her name, a significant date, or a heartfelt message. The essence lies in the thought and love behind the gift, whether it’s grand or small. Anticipate the joy on her face when she opens it. To help, we’ve curated top ideas of help you in choosing the perfect anniversary gift for wife.

  • Wedding trends in 2023 - Maximalist wedding decor

    The Top 5 Wedding Trends For 2023

    The wedding trends for 2023 usually involve taking your time to craft the ultimate celebration, where personality and making a statement take first place. Considering that, we have carefully researched what we expect to see at unions in the following year. Hopefully, these will inspire you to host an event that will leave an everlasting impression. Without further ado, here are the best 2023 wedding trends.

  • Wedding Monogram Designs from ETSY

    Why You Should Incorporate a Custom Wedding Monogram

    Having a custom wedding monogram is a unique and fun way to elevate your wedding! There are so many ways to incorporate your wedding monogram design and we hope this blog inspires you to include your own in your wedding season!

  • The 10 best wedding videographers we've seen while loaded wedding videos onto The Motion Books.

    The 10 Best Wedding Videographers

    At The Motion Books, we are privileged to view hundreds of beautiful wedding videos on a weekly basis through our video preloading feature. We have curated a list of ten of our favorite wedding videos that we have had the pleasure of uploading onto our wedding video albums, along with the best wedding videographers who brought these special moments to life. If you are looking for the best wedding videographer to capture your wedding day, we would highly recommend checking out these wedding videographers. They possess a unique blend of technical expertise and creativity, and are dedicated to telling the unique love story of each couple through their lens.

  • The most romantic and meaningful 3 month anniversary gift - A Wedding Video Album

    Most Meaningful and Romantic 3 Month Anniversary Gift

    The first three months after the wedding is a very special time for couples. It is a period of savoring your newlywed bliss and soaking in all the romance. With so many emotions filling your life, you feel the need to show appreciation towards your spouse and express your love. Essentially, it is a period to pour your love and affection toward your partner. Driven by this wonderful feeling, more and more modern couples are embracing the 3 month anniversary gift trend. We suggest an intuitive and creative way to relive your most precious memories.

  • Most Unique Wedding Gift from Groom to Bride

    Unique Wedding Gift from Groom to Bride

    For a modern take on the sweet tradition of sending a gift to your love before walking down the aisle, The Motion Books is pure perfection and a very unique wedding gift from groom to bride. While flowers, love letters, cards and jewelry are lovely gift ideas to send to each other while getting ready, a video book takes it up a romantic level that will bring tears to your eyes. Watch the beautiful bride’s priceless reaction on film as she opened the best wedding gift from groom to bride – a video book that played the groom’s thoughtful message as she opened it.

  • Way to deliver your wedding videos in 2022