• Guide to encode your videos to work perfectly on The Motion Books

    Convert videos that work perfectly on The Motion Books

    This guide will help you convert a video that is not fully compatible with The Motion Books to a format that will work with your video book device. This way you can enjoy your videos and relive your memories on The Motion Books.

  • Viewing a wedding video book

    Using YouTube to convert your video file

    Most video files seamlessly work on The Motion Books, however, there are some rare scenarios that your video cannot be played on your video book. Here are simple steps on how you can adapt your video to work using YouTube.

  • A Wedding Video album on a coffee table - The Motion Books

    7 creative ways to use The Motion Books

    Videos are incredibly important these days which is why we at The Motion Books have invested time and effort into creating quality products to showcase your most memorable events. Simply open your video book and watch your video come to life! Here are 7 creative ways to use The Motion Books video book: 1. Showcase …

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