A new and revolutionary way to enjoy your wedding video - The Motion Books Video Books

An Innovative way to enjoy your wedding video!

When’s the last time you watched your wedding video? We already know the answer. It’s been a long time.

Are you newly married or planning your wedding? Spoiler alert: you won’t be watching your wedding video nearly as much as you think.

Until now.

If you ask anyone, most will tell you that your wedding video is one of the most important keepsakes from your wedding day. It’s the only way to re-live those magical moments over and over again.

The problem is, actually taking the time to load and retrieve your files takes more effort than it’s worth. Photos are easy. All you have to do is pick up that wedding album on your coffee table and start soaking up the memories.

It’s time the same is done for video.

At The Motion Books, we have created a simple, innovative and extraordinary way to re-visit your wedding video.

A Wedding Video album on a coffee table - The Motion Books
A Wedding Video album on a coffee table - The Motion Books

Through our wedding video book, enjoy your film on demand. Display on your coffee table next to your wedding album, and allow yourself or your guests to witness the magic of your special day.

The secret is in our design. Open our wedding book like you would any traditional album, and you will be presented with gorgeous display and embedded audio that seamlessly plays your wedding video.

With The Motion Books, you’ll get to watch your wedding video whenever you like and as often as you like

* The Motion Books are sometimes refered to as Video Books, Play Books, Video Albums, Film Books, Video Brochure, PlayBook and many other creative names.