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7 Creative Ways to use The Motion Books

Videos are incredibly important these days which is why we at The Motion Books have invested time and effort into creating quality products to showcase your most memorable events. Simply open your video book and watch your video come to life! Here are 7 creative ways to use The Motion Books video book:

1. Showcase a slideshow of images 

Couples often have lots of photos from their wedding but no way to display them. In creating a slideshow of your favorite images, they can showcase their pictures in a video book for all their family and friends to see. If you need help creating a slideshow, we suggest using Animoto or Adobe Spark to easily make a video with your favorite photos. For questions about how to add videos or photos to The Motion Books, check out our LEARN page.

2. Personal message to the bride/groom

One great wedding gift idea for a bride or groom is recording a personalized message to share with your significant other to watch on the day of their wedding! Simply upload your video to The Motion Books and deliver a sweet message to your soon to be husband or wife as they get ready for the best day of their lives. This wedding gift will definitely bring out a smile or even a tear (of joy).7

3. Wedding guestbook alternative

Wedding guests love to hear about the love story leading up to the happy couple’s wedding day. What better way to share this by displaying your proposal video, engagement photo slideshow, or love story video on a beautiful video book on your wedding day! Simply upload your video onto The Motion Books and place it next to your guest book for all to see! Or better yet, include a pen and pass around your video book throughout your reception for guests to view and sign! There are endless way to share your love story in The Motion Books.

4. Message from friends and family for a special occasion

In today’s day and age, it can be difficult to get the whole family together for an anniversary or birthday. One great way to remedy this is by gathering video messages from friends and family and combining them to create one sweet message in a video book. Imagine your loved one opening their video book to see all of their closest family and friends wishing them the best on their anniversary or birthday. Giving a message in The Motion Books makes for a sweet and unique gift for any special occasion.

5. Unique proposal idea

Proposals should be sweet and sentimental. With The Motion Books, you can do just that and so much more. Go through memory lane with your fiancé-to-be right before popping the big question by compiling all your favorite photos and videos of your time spent together. After watching all those sweet moments together, you will be sure to get a “yes!” This unique proposal idea allows you to preserve your love story in the form of a video book and will be cherished for years to come. 

A proposal happening

6. Send a video book to a loved one in the military

Messages from family and loved ones mean the most for those in the military. Imagine them opening a video book that will reconnect them to life at home. A video message that they could see and hear means so much more to those serving over seas. Send your wedding video for your anniversary or simply a video message for them to hold as a keepsake wherever they go. The Motion Books is the perfect gift for your loved one in the military.

7. Display your wedding video on your coffee table for all to see

One of the most obvious options is simply uploading your wedding video to The Motion Books and displaying it on your coffee table for all to see. In putting your video book front and center, guests are able to pick it up and watch with ease from the comfort of your couch. The Motion Books makes for the perfect decorative piece on your coffee table and a great talking point for an evening shared with guests.

Mila Ivanov leaves The Motion Book video book on her coffee table for all to enjoy!
Photo Credit: Mila Ivanov
Irina Oneil leaves The Motion Book playbook on her coffee table for all to enjoy!
Photo Credit: Irina Oneil

Displaying your videos or photo slideshows on The Motion Books is the perfect way to bring your memories to life. Whether you are sending it as a gift or using it as a wedding momento, the uses for The Motion Books are endless! Check out the many different cover options or customize your book for any occasion!

* The Motion Books are sometimes refered to as Video Books, Play Books, Video Albums, Film Books, Video Brochure, PlayBook and many other creative names.